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Next Event
Saturday May 13 at 8:30 am. Meet at Mike and Kim Dahlbergs house
18142 Theodora Dr. Tustin for a Cruise through The Orange County Canyons 
and a tour of the Modjeska House in Modjeska Canyon. Lunch after at the 
Rose Canyon Cantina.

Friday-Saturday April 7 & 8
37th Annual Unique Little Car Show
Historic Downtown Upland

Friday and Saturday April 7 & 8 was the 37th annual unique little cat show in Historic Downtown Upland.
This year the show was hosted by Micro Car/Isetta lovers and owners Greg and Kiki Hahs and boy did they do a good job of it! It all started Friday morning with Amphicar rides for anyone who signed up for the Saturday Show. So Cal Mets Marcia Jones couldn't get enough. There's a video below of her and So Cal Mets newsletter editor Ken Conner enjoying a trip around the lake.

The Amphicars swimming around the lake

Back on dry land!

Friday night dinner at Greg & Kikis'

After the fun on the lake Greg and Kiki hosted an Italian dinner at their lovely home in Upland.
Saturday morning was the show and cars started arriving early. The cars were placed by 9:00 am and the show started. There was a band playing in the central gazebo and the show was great. 

Click here for a video of the band and the show



One of Gregs'

Kiki and Greg making sure it's all good!

So Cal Mets, Mike Dahlbergs

So Cal Mets, Marcia Jones'

So Cal Mets, Tony Bilottis'

So Cal Mets President Ronnie Bauman brought Barbies'


The engine in Barbie Baumans Met!

Barbie behind the wheel.

This one came with Wayne Metz from The Bay area Metropolitans.

Brian Cotariu from The Bay area Mets drove this from Castro Valley Ca.

Metropolitan Street

So Cal Mets member Bob Burchett brought this!

So Cal Mets member Paul Van Wig came in this.

Perfect for hauling Metropolitans!



The Amphicar Marcia & Ken were in dropped anchor right there!

The awards banquet Saturday night.

The president of the Metropolitan Owners Club of North America
Brad Swiggart presented So Cal Mets President Ronnie Bauman
with a beautiful picture with different shots of Barbies car and
Barbie as one of the pictures.

Proud Ronnie with the picture and an award that reads
'Car of Excellence'

That was the ULCS for 2017. Another great time for everybody!

Saturday March 18 2017
Cruise around Orange-Tustin Hills

We finally got a cruise in for 2017. Our January and February cruises were rained out in Southern California, go figure. It was the same cruise both months, a run through the Orange County canyons and lunch. We moved it to Saturday May 13th, details coming.
Our cruise 3-18-17 started at Mike & Kim Dalbergs house in Tustin. We left there and made a trip through Cowan Heights,Lemon Heights, Orange Park Acres and Panorama Heights. Then we traveled down Chapman Ave. through Historic Old Orange to the Rubys in the old Santa Fe Depot for lunch. The weather was perfect. Metters that joined in were John & Anita Fildes from Mission Viejo, Ronnie Bauman & Renee Anderson from Riveside, Marcia Jones from Fountain Valley, Ken Conner, Cindy & Bill Harris from Huntington Beach, Chuck Hatfield from Crestline, Kim Dominguez & Friend from Irvine, Mike & Kim Dahlberg from Tustin Gwen Tolleson from Fullerton and Tony Bilotti from Anaheim. It was a good first cruise of the year that we had all been waiting for.

                                                                                          Lining up in front of Mike & Kims house

Coming up Newport Ave.

The gang going up the hill

Saddle Hill Ranch-Cowan Heights

Lined up across the street from Tonys parents house

Bill & Cindys' Met, Tony and the gang at the top of Tonys parents driveway